Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. Adnan Shariq – Consultant Neurosurgeon 

Welcome to the pinnacle of Neurosurgical care with Dr. Adnan Shariq, a distinguished German Board Certified Neurosurgeon boasting over 11 years of expertise in Brain and Spine Surgery. As member of the German Spine Society – DWG. Dr. Shariq excels in treating a spectrum of Intracranial and Spinal pathologies, establishing himself as Consultant in the field.

Dr. Shariq offers unparalleled expertise in navigating through complex neurological conditions. Specializing in Brain Tumors Resection. Intracranial Haematoma Evacuation, and Hydrocephalus Treatment. Also Specialising in minimally invasive Spine surgery including Herniated Disc removal and a variety of High end Spinal procedures, including Cervical decompression and Fusion, Lumbar and Thoracic Spinal Fusion and Stabilization and Balloon Kyphoplasty for Spinal Fracture, and Interventional pain treatments for Facet Joint Arthritis and Spasticity, including Baclofen Pump Implantation.

Comprehensive Patient-Centric Care
Dr. Shariq’s commitment to Patient centered care sets him apart. He takes the time to understand each patient’s unique needs, working collaboratively to formulate personalized treatment plans. Your comfort and well-being are his top priorities, ensuring confidence and support throughout your neurological treatment journey.
Multilingual Communication:
Bridging Language Barriers. Fluent in  English, German and Urdu Language. Dr. Shariq ensures effective communication for patients with diverse linguistic backgrounds. This proficiency fosters a trusting doctor-patient relationship, empowering you to make informed decisions about your neurological healthcare.
Convenient Accessibility: Premier Neurosurgical Care
Dr. Shariq’s clinic offers easy access to premier neurosurgical care. For those unable to visit in person, he also provides telemedicine and ambulatory consultations, ensuring that quality neurological healthcare is accessible to all.


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