Consultant Anesthetist & Pain Management / Emergency Medicine (Medical Director )

Dr. Mohaned Jammo: Advanced Anesthesiology and Pain Management Consultant

Are You in Need of Expert Anesthesiology and Pain Relief Solutions?

Meet Dr. Mohaned Jammo, an esteemed medical professional renowned for his expertise in anesthesiology, emergency cardiac and respiratory care, and innovative pain relief techniques. With a focus on delivering comprehensive care and cutting-edge medical interventions, Dr. Jammo stands as a beacon of excellence in his specialized fields.

Unmatched Expertise in Critical Care

General and Regional Anesthesia: Dr. Jammo’s proficiency extends to the administration of general and regional anesthesia, employing advanced techniques including ultrasound nerve blocks for precise pain management.

Emergency Cardiac and Respiratory Conditions: From sudden cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, and cardiac arrhythmias to urgent respiratory conditions like asthma and airway obstruction, Dr. Jammo’s expertise ensures swift and effective interventions.

Advanced Pain Relief Methods: Utilizing a blend of traditional pharmacological approaches and modern interventional methods, Dr. Jammo alleviates chronic pain, including radiation-guided injections for lower back pain, offering patients long-term relief.

Innovative Treatments: Specializing in nerve blocks for phantom limb syndrome post-amputation and providing specialized analgesia for natural and cesarean deliveries, Dr. Jammo’s repertoire of treatments is both diverse and impactful.

Multilingual Communication
Dr. Jammo is fluent in German , Arabic and English, ensuring seamless communication and fostering a comfortable environment for all patients.

Convenient Access to Care
Conveniently located Al Taawun, Dr. Jammo’s practice ensures easy access to his specialized care. Additionally, telemedicine consultations are available for patients who may find traveling challenging.

Embrace Pain-Free Living with Dr. Mohaned Jammo
If you seek an expert in anesthesiology, emergency cardiac and respiratory care, and innovative pain relief methods, Dr. Mohaned Jammo is your trusted professional. Experience the difference his advanced techniques and comprehensive care can make in your journey to a pain-free life. Schedule a consultation today and discover unparalleled expertise in managing critical medical conditions.


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