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Procedure Overview

Look fit, be more confident.

There are many reasons why men can develop the appearance of larger or sagging breasts. This can be a source of discomfort or embarrassment in men, but the solution is easier than you think. Patients undergoing gynecomastia surgery have our supportive staff of doctors to help them through the entire process. Like any other shaping surgery, it involves surgically removing excess tissue and shaping the breast for a more toned look and feel.

Feel more like yourself, overnight!

Confidence is key here. Men with gynecomastia surgery will sometimes wear baggy clothes to hide the condition. Getting a surgical solution to the cause along with regular exercise helps create a more self-confident person. The results of the procedure can last for many years, especially when working with the physician to identify the root cause of the condition.

Gynecomastia surgery also promotes a healthier lifestyle through a willingness to maintain these new results, which can help patients work hard to keep and even increase their results.