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Breast Revision/Improvement


Procedure overview

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If you’re unhappy with your breast surgery results or you’re having symptoms that could mean you developed a complication, it’s worth seeking out a plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with corrective procedures and finding out about your options.

The procedure of Breast Revision surgery is to fix problems that occurred during or after breast reconstruction surgery that impact your quality of life or your health. The procedure balances uneven breast size and shape and replaces the loss of volume from the breast after pregnancy or breastfeeding. It helps women who have decided to remove an implant for any number of reasons or that are trying to replace them. Our surgeons can help patients in a safe and comfortable environment.

Procedure Length : 2-3 Hours
Recovery Time : Recovery Time
Anaesthesia : General or light sedation and local anaesthesia
Consultation : Free

What happens after the surgery ?

After the procedure Soreness and swelling are likely for a few weeks after surgery. Bruising is possible, too. Expect scars to fade over time but not disappear completely. While you’re healing, it might help to wear a compression bandage or sports bra for extra support and positioning of the breast implants . We ask that you leave all dressings in place and return to the clinic for a review at 1 week at which time your dressings will be changed. You will need to have 2 weeks off work and can return to light exercise at 4-6 weeks.