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Breast Reduction


Procedure Overview

If you are suffering discomfort of excessive breast tissue causing you pain in your back , A Breast Reduction can help alleviate back or neck pain, strap marks from bras, skin changes under the breasts and improve self confidence , it can dramatically reshape your larger breasts into a smaller More comfortable and better-proportioned breasts .

There are many different options for breast reduction depending on nipple position, amount of breast tissue to be removed, skin quality and patient expectation.

A Breast Reduction is distinct from a breast lift or mastopexy although many of the surgical techniques are similar. Typically women who have always had large breasts or women whose breasts have increased in size following childbirth will request breast reduction.

Procedure Length : 2- 3 Hours
Recovery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Anesthesia : General
Consultation : Free

What happens after the surgery ?

On waking from surgery you will be reviewed by your surgeon who will check for any bleeding and that you are comfortable. Usually you will be able to go home the same day although some patients may choose to spend one night in hospital. After discharge you will need to rest at home, avoiding any strenuous activity and being looked after. We ask that you leave all dressings in place and return to the clinic for a review at 1 week at which time your dressings will be changed. You will need to have 2 weeks off work and can return to light exercise at 4-6 weeks.