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Vision and Mission

At Oriana Specialty Hospital Sharjah every aspect of your care is coordinated, and teams of experts work together to provide precisely the best care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often be done in a few days here, our doctors and nurses seek to look after our patients in a fresh, clean and modern premises with a sound cultural understanding and awareness of local healthcare needs.

We take every opportunity to serve and support those in our care, based on four fundamental values that form the foundation of Oriana Specialty Hospital Sharjah’s culture.

The Oriana Specialty Hospital Sharjah amenities have been specifically intended with care along with our patients in mind. We aim to treat a wide range of patients every year throughout the Oriana Hospitals and Clinics group network and we are incredibly proud of our individually inspired care program. As with all our patients, you can be assured that you are in professional hands and are in a comfortable, caring clean and safe environment where your necessities always come first.

Our Mission
“Oriana Specialty Hospital Sharjah is entirely committed to the consistent provision of quality, medical and moral standards that exceed expectation.

Our Vision
With our management team exceptional experience and expertise, we desire to become the healthcare provider of choice and to keep your family healthy for life.