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Blood, pathology, body fluids and other samples are collected or received, registered and entered as per test into the computer system. Worksheets are made out for these designated tests then distributed with their respective samples to the section of concern.


This department is equipped with fully automated analyzers: Electrolytes are analyzed using on selective electrode machines. Manual methodology for rare, backup and specialized determination using the best available quality controlled kits. A special biochemistry area is responsible for protein electrophoresis glycosylated hemoglobin and various miscellaneous, specialized tests.


Fully automated 5-part differential analyzers are used. A wide range of hemostasis studies, using fully automated analyzer is available for the diagnosis and follow -up of patients with bleeding and thrombotic disorders in addition to an automated blood banking system. The department also performs hemoglobin analysis for the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies (Hgb-electrophoresis). Rheumatology (IF), tissue typing, bone marrow, etc., are done manually.

Endocrinology and Serology department:

A wide test menu for tumor markers, hormones and vitamins is provided by the immunoassay area using.
  • Automated systems.
  • electrophoresis - gel full option machines.
  • ELISA and IF technology for infectious diseases in addition to highly equipped serology section.


For isolation, identification and sensitivity determination of microorganisms in all body fluids and tissues. Blood cultures and bone marrow are done on automated machines (quick scan).

Body fluids department:

The analysis of body fluids e.g. Urine, Stools, Semen, CSF, Lavages, Washes, Brushes, etc. are carried out.

Quality Control Section:

To Follow up quality control (QC) according to ISO 9002 organized by the hospital
  • The QC samples are purchased from well-known sources for each piece of equipment or test to be performed. It is used each morning, at the beginning of every shift and when required .
  • Additionally, samples are split and determinants of both splits are compared.
  • Random samples are chosen by the director and repeated measurements of the determinant are carried out the next day when the results are compared.
  • Genetics and molecular biology: Highly equipped department with all needed facilities.


Dr. Rolan Mahaseen , Consultant Pathologist Diplomat, American Board of Pathology (AP/CP). For histological examination of tissues, frozen section consultations cytology, fine needle aspiration using routine techniques, special, immunological and immunohistochemistry procedures.

The pathology unit is located on the first floor of the hospital, our main hub is locally run laboratories that continue to provide on-site pathology services for the needs of our own patients. and provide innovative, high-performing pathology services which are clinically led and underpin the clinical services of our three hospitals. We have three service areas, each of which is led across all three hospitals and clinics by an appoint-ed clinical lead. These areas are:

  • Cellular pathology
  • Chemistry
  • Hematology and blood transfusion
  • Microbiology
  • Blood tests