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Table V04
Antenatal & Normal Delivery package
AED 30,000/-
Name Visits
Consultation with Obstetrician 13 visits
Ultrasound with Radiologist (including 2 Anomaly) 4 Times
Complete Blood Count 5 Times
Routine Urine Analysis 5 Times
G.T.T 1 Time
Smear Test 1 Time
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 1 Time
Rubella IGG 1 Time
Indirect Coombs Test 1 Time
Blood Group & RH 1 Time
Glucose Random / Fasting 1 Time
VDRL / RPR 1 Time
HIV 1 Time
Hepatitis B surface Antigen 1 Time
Hepatitis C Virus Antibody 1 Time
Urine Routine 1 Time
Coagulation Profile 1 Time
CTG 2 Time
*Normal Delivery and labour room charges -
*One day Hospital stay in single private room from the time of admission -
*3 Night 5 star Pullman hotel stay -
*Hotel Room decoration , Balloons / Flowers /Cake / Snacks /Beverages -
*Doctors consultation - Obstratrician and pediatrician ( Two each ) -
*OT & Anesthesia Charges & OT Disposables
*Labour room, Ward supplies, I.V Fluids -
*Baby check up by pediatrician at birth -
*Pre delivery investigations covered by -
*New Born baby Registration Charges -
Caesarean Delivery ( AED 4500 Extra ) -
*Dietician Consultation 1 Time
*Physiotherapy Consultation 1 Time
*Vaccinations - BCG, Hepatitis B, ( Initial Dose Only ) 1 Time
*Anti-D Injection for Mother (if required )
*Extra Charges for any medical management for mother or baby due to any complications.
*Baby’s Management in NICU.
*Instrumental Delivery (AED 1000 Extra )
*Twin Delivery ( AED 1500 Extra )
*Emergency Service Charges for Specialists
*Baby’s blood group RH Typing covered & any other investigations will be chargeable.
*Cost of management related to complications rising during the course of pregnancy or after delivery are NOT included in this package.
*New born clothing or wipes are NOT included.
*New born or Mother medications are NOT included.