Specialist, Anatomic & Clinical Pathology

Dr. Rolan Mahassen: A Pathology Maestro in Diagnostic Excellence
Looking for top-tier pathology expertise and precision diagnoses? Meet Dr. Rolan Mahassen, a distinguished Specialist in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology revered for his diagnostic acumen, commitment to patient care, and unwavering pursuit of medical excellence. With a stellar educational foundation and extensive professional involvement, Dr. Mahassen stands as a beacon of diagnostic prowess in the medical community.

Educational Prowess

  • D.Doctorate in Pathology (Specialization in Genetic Pathology), Damascus University, 2006.
  • Sc. in Pathology (Specialization in Pathology), Damascus University, 1997.
  • B.B.S, Doctor in Medicine, Damascus University, 1993.

Professional Engagements
Dr. Mahassen’s dedication to medical advancement and collaboration is evident through his affiliations:

  • Member, Organization of Damascus Doctors (Since 1993): Active involvement and contributions to the medical community.
  • Member, Emirates Medical Association (Since 2015): Continued participation and knowledge sharing in the evolving medical landscape.

Areas of Proficiency
Dr. Mahassen’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of pathology, specializing in:

  • Histopathology: Expert analysis of surgical and endoscopic biopsies for accurate diagnostic insights & FS study.
  • Cytology: Precision in Pap smear and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) evaluations for early disease detection, cytology study of body fluid.
  • Clinical Pathology: Expert in diagnosis the disease based on the laboratory analysis of body fluids(blood,urine)using the tools of chemistry,microbiology,hematology, molecular pathology and immunology

Language Proficiency
Fluent in both English and Arabic, Dr. Mahassen ensures effective communication and understanding with patients, fostering a trusting and comfortable environment for consultations.

Experience Pathological Precision with Dr. Rolan Mahassen
For the epitome of pathology expertise coupled with compassionate care, Dr. Rolan Mahassen stands as the beacon of excellence. Book a consultation today and experience firsthand the meticulous precision and empathetic care that define Dr. Mahassen’s practice.


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